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Links to my Friends on the WWW !!!

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United States of America


Nice page but a fiery girl !! **chuckle**


Ohh !! amazing character ! I met him personally when he came down to New Delhi and man !! he has a great sense of humor !! the last I saw of him, he hotfooted to BANGKOK ! because he couldn't bear the heat and his flight almost crashed ! he sounded like he had swallowed a cow when he croaked out the news to me over the telephone !! I'll catch him up again sometime when I go to Minnesota !! *grin*


Check this one out !!


Award winning computer art and published poetry and rare coins by Jim Nasium Saldutti
GymStuff: computer art, poetry and rare coins.... a must see web site
La Galeria de GymArt
surrealistic computer art and original poetry by Jim Nasium Saldutti


This is a spooky eerie page ! brrr !! a page to check out !!


Visit this place !! it's called the HrtsDezir2's Homepage !!


This is my buddy ! I've know him for about 7 years now and he sure is a delightful person. He is an Engineer now.


Carrie's Place !! this place is about her boyfriend !! so if you intend flirting with her !! hee hee ! you know ! no point in running against a truck !!


Uhh !! this ain't nothing to do with the planet ! this fascinating page has been made by a gorgeous girl ! you can see her on the page ! fabulous HTML !!


Moinul in New York ! He's got a wonderful flag of the USA fluttering on his homepage.


Jon Heidemann's Homepage. This is still under construction.


Reiki related links page.


This here is a HANSON freak !! check out her page to know if the HANSON'S have done their daily ablutions

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Jim Norman & GRAFITE

A well laid out music page with some good clips to download.

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Cool guy and a chat addict !! I'd give someone a million dollars if he could drag him away from that darned chat site.


The New Zealander who is having a tough time in India !! **grin** watch him holding the Taj Mahal !!

Sanjay Sachdeva

Hey !! another guy from India !! nice looking page he's got.


Venkat from Karnataka ! I look forward to more on this page *grin*

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A great homepage with a wide variety of animated gifs and cool backgrounds !

The bRAINdEAD's Klisji Page

A cool Norwegian page ! a collection of jazzy backgrounds ;-)


This is my pal minnie from Lebanon ! I intend adding more info on her soon.


I love this guy's page !! neatly laid out and the interface is cool ! A page to check out.


A fine page by Hugo with an amazing collection of links !!

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