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FAQ at Manoj's CyberHome !!

Q. Will you meet me on arrival in India ?

A. I'm afraid I can't because I now live in USA :-(

Q. Can you recommend a good travel agent ?

A. Yes I can if you email me at

Q. Does the agent you recommend give you a cut ?

A. You don't know much about travel agents in India do you ?!

Q. Do you earn money from this website ?

A. Not that I know of !! besides, people aren't that generous these days :-)

Q. Don't tell me you've done this for free !!

A. Yes I am !

Q. Are you getting yourself a website ?

A. I will as soon as I find money for it !

Q. Will it continue providing free information ?

A. You bet it will !

Q. What if some of the information on your website is incorrect ?

A. I try to provide accurate information, but I might update my pages after a pint and then I can't be blamed ;-) hey !! didn't you read that this is a free service ? so stop demanding ok ?!

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