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At the present moment I haven't included the Train schedule but that will appear when I have the information ready in html.

The Old Delhi Railway Station is about 7 kilometers north of Connaught Place, and the New Delhi Railway Station is about 1 kilometer north of Connaught Place. Most trains leave from the New Delhi Railway Station, but check before you set out. For tickets and information, foreigners can save time and energy by using the services of a tour operator. Otherwise, contact the International Tourist Bureau (New Delhi Railway Station, Tel.11-373-4164), which is open Monday-Saturday 7:30-5. At this window (for foreigners only), tickets must be purchased in foreign currency, usually dollars or sterling, unless you have a valid encashment slip. If you don't have an encashment slip, you can purchase a ticket in rupees at the general counter at the same location (open daily 9:30-8). Before you board any train, you must have a confirmed ticket and a reservation for a sleeper and berth if you travel overnight.
Touts exist everywhere !! especially at Railway Stations.. ignore touts.. don't use them.

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